Ever know something was going to happen before it did? Has a gut feeling

warned you about a person? Most people have likely experienced this at one time,

however the existence and proof of psychic phenomena has eluded scientists and

skepticism remains. Beyond the charlatans, crystal balls and tarot cards, a gifted

minority exists.


     Throughout the 1970-1990s internationally acclaimed psychic Geraldine Stringer (formerly Geraldine Smith) was featured hundreds of times on radio, TV and in print media. An assessment of 95% accuracy in her predictions and her money back guarantee rapidly established her celebrity status. This book looks at the conflict between science and the paranormal as witnessed first-hand by her son, an established research scientist.


     In the early 1980s, Geraldine took a sabbatical to donate her time to criminal

investigations and worked on high profile cases such as body recovery in Canada and

the USA, the Los Angeles Freeway Murders and the controversial case of Jeffrey

McDonald, a green Beret doctor convicted of killing his family. After two years,

Geraldine returned to the public arena with a vision to educate and train people to

develop their intuition and expand their own perceptional abilities. Geraldine firmly

believes psychic abilities are available to everyone and can be accessed through

personal awareness techniques.


     Geraldine’s son, Dr. Christian Smith, a molecular biologist at a leading Canadian research hospital, takes the reader through a personal journey to uncover and investigate the science underlying psychic phenomena. Dr. Smith has witnessed remarkable demonstrations of psychic precognition and explores his conflicting beliefs through a retrospective investigation of the paranormal occurrences throughout his mother’s career.


     Dr. Smith combines science with poignant personal anecdotal recollections to tackle questions about the existence of psychic abilities, the nature of physical reality and how to enhance intuition within our lives by moving beyond our own perceived limitations.

Coming in Spring 2020!

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